Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year End Reflections

As the year draws near to a close, it is time to ponder and reflect.It was only 365 days ago that I reflected on 2007 and made my New Year resolutions for 2008.
2008 has been a year of much happenings in terms of financial tsunamis, terrorist attacks and all the other unhappy events that made life difficult for many.
However, it is through difficult times that we sobre down and take account of our lives to seive out what is important and what is not.
I am fortunate to be comfortable in my financial circumstances, thanks be to God who watches over me.
It has been a year of commitments as well as constant reflections.Part time job takes up quite a large chunk of my time everyday but it is a matter of time as measured against remuneration.
Physically, I have time for qigong, swim, brisk walks and folk-dancing.Mentally, I have time to stimulate my brains with Sudoku, reading and writing.
Spiritually, I have my Daily Bread and teaching from His Word, as well as Bible Study Fellowship.
Emotionally, I have my family and friends to sustain me.
I have got to travel too to see the beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys created by the Almighty.
I have learnt to welcome stillness, enjoying everything that life has to offer.I delight in the simple joys of food, music, books and companionship, as well the moments of being alone. God has taught me to live in the present and appreciate all things around me.
His Word has so much wisdom in it that I wish all can gain from the lessons that He has so patiently set down to teach us.
Visiting church members, the elderly at home and in hospital has taught me the importance of patience and forbearance.God has given me the time and love to share the love that He has for us.
Soon it will be 2009.It will be another year of learning. God never fails if we only wait with patience and humility. May the new year give me the hunger for His Word and the wisdom to do His work and share His love and blessings with others.

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