Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Heavenly Father

It has been a very long while since I last blogged. Life has been busy with work,Bible Studies both BSF and cell group. God has been very patient with me and even with numerous warnings, I was still too numb-skulled to get His message, which is to let go of my 'idols' and follow Him faithfully. God's reproof is never sweet honey but bitter pills to swallow. Yet God is merciful and His plans for us are always for the best. Meanwhile, I have to keep still and wait for His directions instead of running ahead of Him which I often do. I have often reminded myself of God's fruit of the Spirit- Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness,Gentleness and Self- Control. Out of my disobedience, I have fallen miserably and all I could think of was my disobedience, shame and disgrace. I have always felt that I am a reasonably good person without evil thoughts but that is not enough for our righteous God. Everything is but filthy rags in His eyes. Yet, in spite of all, my Lord has not abandoned me.He encouraged me with His loving words in the Bible. 'For whom He loves He reproves'. He knows our weakness yet He has created us in His image.He loves us so unconditionally, when even I cannot love myself.He has loved us from the start and all He wants us is to depend on Him for He has redeemed us with the blood of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. I am not going to wallow in self- pity nor will I succumb to the Evil One. I know I belong to my loving Father in Heaven. Regardless of how heavy and frequent my falls, I will stand up tall and strong because I know that my Heavenly Father is with me, in the past,now and always. Amen!