Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year

I have this habit of reviewing my life at the end of each year and looking forward with hope,aspirations and new endeavours for the new year.
On 1st January of 2007, I wrote down the eight principles that I hope to live by.
1. I will have a positve attitude towards all events and happenings.
2. I will live life day by day with gratitude in my heart.
3. I will be an uplifting force whenever I can and I will encourage others around me.
4. I will welcome stillness and learn to be more relaxed.
5. I will risk being vulnerable by being open and approachable.
6. I will connect with God and learn to walk more closely with Him through reading of Christian literature.
7. I will live in the present at all times and be alive, consciously aware of the people around me.
8. I will pass Grace along, to share His blessings with those around me.
Though I may have made numerous mistakes, I must say that 2007 has been a great year.
There is much to thank for- blessings from Him and time for learning to live better.
2008 is going to be another great year. I will continue to live by those eight principles but most of all I resolve to walk closely with the Lord,trust and obey Him and live without regrets.