Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Singapore, we just had our election last week and the results were rather astounding particularly for the ruling party. Even though the Party garnered the majority vote to continue as the Government, the win has been a dismal win of slightly more than 60%, causing the government to examine themselves to see what has gone wrong to have so many votes gone to the Opposition.
There have been opposing views and people have expressed their unhappiness with quite a number of issues and decisions made.

People are unhappy that they could not take out all their CPF monies at the age of 55 as legislation has been passed to hold back part of the payment first to 60, then to 62.
Another peeve is the open door policy to foreigners whom citizens have perceived as threats to their employment opportunities, education and other benefits as citizens.

Government has time and again spoken on the need to have foreign workers in Singapore for the country's economic growth but people were not convinced.
Another area in which people are unhappy is the escalating price of properties, particularly for young people who want their first home and the price of housing has gone beyond their means.

The feeling on the ground is that the government has become uncaring and has stopped heeding their needs. Many have felt that the government has taken a high-handed approach and ignore them.

The election has resulted in lots of expression of discontentment on the Internet and for once people can express their feelings more easily via the Internet without fear of repercussions. " The government cannot put all of us in jail!" was the expression. There was indeed a strong sense of liberation in this year's election.
Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, so while we welcome the chance to speak up and take a more active part in the affairs of the country, we must also heed the need to be clear-headed and not just be swayed by emotions and oppositions with their own agenda. It is important that Singaporeans need to be level-headed and think through with the interest of the country in mind.

Reminices in May

Well, it is now May, five months have gone by and how has life been for me?
What have I done or achieved so far?
The first three months were spent leisurely with time to exercise in the morning, swim, qigong and brisk walking.In the afternoon, I will go to the community centre to read the Chinese papers and play the piano when I get home.
I was invited to teach Creative Writing the next term and spent some time researching on materials for the course. I taught three full classes of Primary five and two classes of mixed classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Those time that I do not teach, I research and prepare teaching resource to support the pupils' learning of English.
I accepted the assignment to keep myself abreast with work as well as for the remuneration. I do not go to school on Tuesday but in alternate weeks, I help out with the Evergreen group of serving the older people.On Wednesday, I do not teach but do my research and preparation of teaching resource in the morning but go to another school to teach Creative Writing for a renowned enrichment centre.
Alternate Thursday, I have cell group Bible study with some of my church members.
This year, we started on 1 Samuel and as we study the book, we try to apply the principles of the study to our life. In 1 Samuel, we learn the importance of obedience and dependence on the Lord.
On Tuesday evening, I go for Bible Study Fellowship where we learn the book of Isaiah. In this prophetic book, we learn of our God's faithful love for His people in contrast to His faithless and rebellious children. Again and again, as His children, we rebelled and were faithless, worshipping other idols rather than being faithful to Him, our loving God.
I realise that I too have been faithless and wavering, often relying on my self rather than going to Him for His guidance and teaching.Lord, thank you for your immeasuable patience and grace for my undeserving salvation. May I follow You faithfully and rely not on myself but on Your wisdom and grace.
I feel that I have not done well for this assignment because it was my own strong desire to take up the job rather than wait on You.
However, it is no use regretting my decision but continue to rely on You for these two weeks to complete the assignment.
Lord, it is difficult to totally follow You sometimes, but Lord, give me Your wisdom and patience to do so.Let me wait on You because You have assured us that "All things work for those who love You." In all that I do, let me do in Your honour and glory, Amen.
In two weeks' time, Lek and myself will be flying to US to visit Soo Chan and go on a relaxing holiday. I look forward to the holidays to relax and live peaceably in God's natural and beautiful world.