Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jesus-Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones

Chapter One entitled "Have Your Tent Stolen" uses the metaphor of a tent to show how our view is often limited when we are too comfortable and complacent in our life.Our limited perspective as well as fragile and segmented understanding keep us from seeing the universe. It is only when the tent is taken away that our eyes are open to new ways of relating, seeing and doing. So instead of focusing on the stolen tent, we should focus on the sudden expanding view of the universe.
Chapter two encourages us to practise planned abandonment. We are to understand what to pick up and what to put down, letting lesser things go in order to choose the higher part.
Subsequent chapters remind us to keep our focus and learn to use the sword, cutting away what is holding us back- false beliefs, distracting assignments and unhealthy relationships.
To redefine reality, we have to be willing to make major changes to our script. To know where we are going, we must identify our source of light. In order to be healed ,we must be willing to move forward with heart and mind. It is only through finding the centre, that we achieve the balance in our life.

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