Monday, December 15, 2008

Leaving a legacy

It has been my wish to gather my thoughts to write down my life experiences, learning etc as we mortals cannot live forever.
At sixty, it is time to do some harvesting and consolidate my experience and learning to leave behind for someone who may gain from my writing.
I have lived a rich life for God has been most merciful to me and taught me much in my sixty years on this earth.
I learn to love when I have my parents who love me so unconditionally and completely in my early childhood. Though they have not spoken in so many words, I know that for my sake my swinging bachelor dad chose my mum and settled down to a quiet life and my mum reconsidered leaving my dad when she couldn't bear to leave me with unkind relatives.
God has also mercifully given me the love for reading and music. Both hobbies have enriched my otherwise mundane life.Beautiful music moves me, encourages me and makes me love the beautiful world that God has created. Books have taught me in every aspect of my life from young to old. The classics have given me vicarious experiences which I might otherwise not have in my limited life experiences.
It is however time now to consolidate all those learning experiences and hopefully pass them on to others so that they too will benefit from reading them.

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