Thursday, December 18, 2008

first year life after retirement

The years of toil has finally come to an end. No more long meetings and hours at work.Finally, there is time to do what I like to do.
It has been an agonising decision to retire after forty odd years at the same job. After much debate with myself, I wrote in and got my golden handshake.
The sudden break from hard work to a leisurely life takes some getting use to.
I went back to work the first few days to cover somebody on study leave.
After that, I took up relief work whenever staff went on medical leave.This went on intermittenly for the first two months. In March,we took a holiday to Macau, Zhuhai and Guangzhou. It was a cheap and leisurely holiday in China. Term two found me doing standby relief after which I was persuaded to take over a teaching class in Term 3.Of course I will have to follow the class through to Term 4 as the children had examination at the end of the year.I taught English and was in school from 11 to 5pm everyday from Monday to Friday. However, I did get to do my Chinese qigong in the morning and swam two to three times a week before I went to school.
I signed myself up for Bible Study Fellowship and was committed to do my homework every morning and attended evening class from 7 to 9pm on Tuesdays.
I did folk-dancing on Saturday afternoon and visited the library after spending one to two hours dancing.
In August, we left for a free and easy trip to Hokkaido and it was a good trip for us. In November, we joined two couples to drive in the south island of New Zealand. The scenery was astounding and it was great to go for a holiday while others have to attend meetings and write year-end reports.
I managed to write my journal quite consistently and did quite a fair bit of self-reflections periodically over this whole year. I have also managed to do some visitations in the first six months and reviewed some Christian literature for my church. I had time to meet up with my childhood friends and we had quite a number of sessions together.
The year has been well-spent over various activities. I had time to interact socially with my friends, exercised quite regularly, spent time reading, writing and doing Sudoku and part time work. There is a balance of physical,mental and other activities. On looking back, I have spent quite a lot of time working as well.
What of 2009? I intend to listen to the Lord more intently and obey His commission for me. I will spend time cooking for the family and look into improving my culinary skills. Cooking for the family involves love and care for them.
Praise the Lord for His Wisdom in teaching me so patiently. May what I do be pleasing in His sight.

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