Sunday, August 9, 2009

The third age – six principles of growth and renewal after 40 – by William Sadler

Principle One
Balance mindful -reflection with risk taking
Step back to review, listen and visualize how you want to live
Clarify values, reflect on meaning and purpose to critique the old scripts
Find challenges and clarify expectations
Be open to creative tension and develop competencies needed
Commit to intended results

#2 Develop realistic optimism
Have a sense of humour and take charge to make choice to achieve.

#3 Create a positive third age identity
a) Listen to inner energy and identify barriers to expression
b) Leave behind and modify roles and life patterns
c) Critically assess and discard age stereotypes to break myths of aging
d) Recognize and accept mortality and affirm growth and renewal
Affirm independence and connectedness to others and a larger reality
Redefine success and develop standards to measure it

#4 Re-define our work- balance work and play
Recover a sense of meaningful work and play
Determine priorities and clarify what you love to do by following basic instincts
Enlarge scope of work to include paid work, fun work, housework, volunteer work and learning
Risk doing something new and add new values to life

#5 Balance personal freedom and intimacy
Intimate interdependence
The bond of love can liberate people and promote individuality

#6Build a more caring life
Increase our capacity to care
Care for self, care for optimal physical health
Step into more purposeful living
Create balance among multiple commitments
Shed old assumptions, expand our limits
Think creatively and live differently
Invitation of a lifetime for new growth, enrichment and purposeful living
First age- growing up
Second age – Productivity setting in
Third Age- second growth
4th age- successful aging
To counter aging, we must do more than adapt, keep fit and stay healthy. We need to initiate growth at a new level.

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