Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seven habits of effective people- Stephen Covey

Paradigms and Principles
Paradigms are model, theory and perception, assumption and frame of reference

The seven habits are principle-centred, character-based, an inside out approach to personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Maturity Continuum ranges from dependence to independence to interdependence.

Habit One
Proactive rather than reactive
Changes based on imagination, conscience, self-awareness and independent will. Between stimulus and response, there should be the freedom to choose.

Habit two
Begin with the end in mind
Mental creation based on imagination
Begin each day with values firmly in mind- truly proactive and value driven
Use affirmation and visualization to enter into harmony with our basic centre.

Habit three
Put first things first- principle of personal management and use priorities and time management matrix.

Habit four
Think win win
Principle of interpersonal leadership
Abundance mentality
Effective interaction brings mutually beneficial results to everybody involved

Habit five
Seek first to understand, then to be understood
Principle of empathic communication
Build skills of empathic listening based on character that inspires openness and trust

Habit six
Principle of creative cooperation
The whole is greater that the sum of its parts
Essence of synergy
Value differences, respect them and build on strengths and compensate for weakness

Habit seven
Sharpen the saw
Principle of balanced self renewal
Four dimensions – physical, mental, spiritual and social and emotional

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