Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The freedom years- tactical tips for the trailblazer generation- Michael Shea

Use our freedom years to best advantage
Benefiting both ourselves and those around us

What are our hopes and aspirations for the years ahead?
What are we particularly looking forward to?
What hindrances do we expect to waylay our plans?
What other worries lurk in the undergrowth?

Retirement is an open gate to the future. We have the opportunity of moving into new fields at a pace to suit ourselves and develop new skills and use old ones.

What do want to achieve that we have not achieved so far.
List our options and strategies for doing so. Set out an agenda for change,deciding where and how we are going to erect our new stall. Continue to contribute to the good of ourselves, our families and society, just as we did in the past.
Readjust circumstances to our requirements

Have a positive attitude
Care and not be in denial
Make it our business
Have ambition
Have an open mind
Have control over our lives
Recreate our sense of self-esteem

Continue to act as decision-takers rather than followers of orders
Don’t let those wrinkles invade mind and soul
Do not be too judgemental or mean.
Have a good sense of humour
Try laughing- have a smile, a happy expression
Build new relationships and continue to network by joining clubs and interest groups
Keep healthy with proper food and exercise
Be fit and mentally agile
Communicate effectively with the younger generations
Manage our money and financial advisors
Use freedom years to learn new tricks

Work on projects to give sense of meaning and purpose to life
Keep learning and exploring ways to make life better for self and others

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