Sunday, August 9, 2009

My love for reading

My interest for reading began when I often spent my time at a neighbour’s place. The family had a lot of movie magazines and various Chinese comics that the family shared. Later on, I had access to the library of a friend’s brother who too had a large collection of Chinese essays, comics, fables and other reading materials.
My love for English books actually began when I had to do Literature in secondary school. I remember having to study Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and some anthology of poems at Secondary one.
Over the next few years, we studied Shakespeare’s plays, the most memorable of which was Macbeth. After I left secondary school, I continued my reading, particularly when I had access to my uncles’ collection of English Literature books. At Teachers’ Training College, we had to study some literature texts and some lecturers really shared their love of the classics with us.
After I started on my career, I continued to pursue various courses to improve my level of English competency. The Diploma English Studies Course required us to study various classics that included Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen etc. The A level English course too further fired my enthusiasm and interest.
Open University English and Literature required even more in depth reading of such texts.
A visit to Western Europe aroused my thirst for Greek Mythology and to know more about the great influence the Greek Culture had on the western world.
The years of reading had given me a new found interest and quest for new knowledge and I truly appreciate this opportunity to live life richly as I enter the world through the legacy of writing left behind by those who share their experiences.

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