Thursday, December 6, 2007

Serving with love

My church friend, Audrey has invited me to join her to take up this meaningful task of visitations.
We visited a church friend Sylvia who lived quite a distance from where we live. Silvia lives with her mum and her teenaged daughter.On the day of the visit,Silvia was on leave from her hotel job. She was happy to see us and shared with us her challenge as a mother to a teenager.It strikes a similar chord in us as we too have the same bewildering feeling of having our children who go through similar difficult time. Her own mother is already in her eighties and has been been most helpful to Sylvia who has been a widow since her daughter was eighteen months of age.
It must have been hard on both women to fend for themselves all these years.
The beginning of this meaningful endeavour was accompanied by heavy downpours, to make it most memorable for me.
Audrey and myself spent some time interacting with each other later that afternoon.
Today, I joined another group to visit some other members of the church.We started our visit to an old lady who is almost ninety years of age. She still looks hearty and healthy in spite of her age. Then we visited another member who lives with her two sons and a maid as her husband had passed away some years ago. She herself had gone through some difficult time after an operation.
After lunch, we visited an ex-pastor's mum in a hospital.The thin but sprightly old lady of ninety odd years old was happy to see us. I felt good feeding her a soft pear and giving her a light massage.
May the Lord continue to lead and guide me to be His worthy servant.

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