Thursday, December 30, 2010

A meaningful Christmas dinner

A simple Christmas dinner yet so lovingly prepared by one who loves.
It was meant for a small family- father, mother, sister, sister's boyfriend and also an aunt who lives alone.

Praise God for who she is and what she is to all of us who love her.She is the scholar who does well in all her studies. She is loved by all those who know her.She was the one who brought Mum back to church and given her the hope when she was then hopeless and in despair and without a purpose to carry on.

She comes into our family twenty-two years ago and brings so much fun and happiness to all at home. Thank God for this blessing from You.

It was just a simple dinner but will be cherished by all who partake it.

Thank you, God, for your love and showing us Your promise of abundant life.

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