Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year End Musings

It is again end of year with a sense of rounding up of a year and looking forward to a brand new year.
Looking back to my new year resolutions for 2010, I think with satisfaction that I have not done too badly. I have tried to walk more closely with the Lord by going to Him for thanksgiving and conversations with Him daily. I dedicate each day to Him to guide and lead me to teach with patience and wisdom.I attended BSF from February to November,group Bible study from January to November; I attended church retreat in June, went on a church mission to Northern Thailand and Myanmmar in September. I continue serving at Sunday school for the two-year-olds and the preparation for the Lord's Supper once a month.I thank God for the privilege to serve the Lord faithfully.My reading list has included many Christian literature that gives me a better understanding of my faith.
I continue with my daily exercises with qigong when not working, swim as regularly as I possibly can, folk dancing on Saturdays and walk as often as I can. My diet has been reasonably healthy except for the past two months with too much feasting.
Emotionally, I have strengthened my relationships with my family and friends and remember to love and empathise with others just as My Lord has commanded.
The trips to Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang and Dalat in South Vietnam in March, Kyushu in June and the church mission trip to Northern Thailand and Myanmmar had all been enjoyable and fulfilling.
I thank God for the teaching assignments and time to read, learn and maintain a lively curiosity everyday of my life.
During the year-end vacation, I helped out with vocational bible study and spent time cleaning the house.
With great effort,I cleared away some clutters in my life, the wonderful books that I have accumulated over the years as well as the diaries that I have so faithfully kept all these years. I am trying to trim the baggages that I have gathered all these years. All those wonderful experiences have taught me much and I treasure them. There is a tinge of regret as I give up on some of the things that I love but life has to go on. It is no use clinging on to the past but to move on to embrace what the future brings.
I just want to thank God who has been with me all these years. He has indeed blessed me so abundantly, giving me good health, a fulfilling career, wonderful friends and experiences that span all these years.
For 2011, I look forward to deepen my relationship with my Lord, consolidate knowledge, insight and wisdom, learn to appreciate the ebb and flow in my life and enjoy the sense of peace and contentment. I resolve to work less and live more.
I commit 2011 to you Lord and look forward to a closer walk with You.

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