Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sick on holidays!

How miserable it is to be sick on holidays!
The weather outside is so hot - everyday it is 90 degrees and above and here I am nursing a bad cold with snuff nose, teary eyes and tired bones.
I took both Chinese and English medicine to speed up the cure but it does take time.
I visited the library at Germantown with Soo Chan and Lek and got some books to read. I finished the book Spirit Bridges, a memoir written by Li Mo which chronicled her childhood in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and even Madrid during the 60s and Cambridge MA in the 70s.
I also browsed through some of Chan's Chinese books, and especially like the Taiwanese writer Chen Luo Si's autobiography about her life in Taipei, Hong Kong,America and Mainland China.I'm not sure if I want to read the book in greater detail, especially the part on her political experiences.
I also played the piano in the morning and spent the rest of the day on the Internet and reading and resting in bed.
The hymns and praises were indeed up-lifting as I listened to them on youtube- You are my hiding place, in His time and Give thanks. I also listened to some operas and other songs.I did my Bible study in the morning- finished my homework on Isaiah chapter 35 and also on 1 Samuel Chapters 13-15. These three chapters reminded us to be obedient to God and trust in Him with all our hearts.
He does not want us to be rebellious and revolt against Him.
I know that I am often guilty of disobeying the Lord and pray that He will lead me away sinning against Him.
Your way and not mine.

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