Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here in Gaithersburg, Maryland,USA

Finally, the June holidays are here and we managed to get some cheap air tickets to fly to New York.
The long flight took us a total of 23 hours to reach New York and we stayed at Verve Hotel in Long Island City which is quite convenient for us to move about.
We visted Central Park as suggested by the front desk and had some simple sandwiches for dinner.
The next morning we woke up early to take the subway to South Ferry White Hall to take the ferry to Staten Island, on the way we saw the Statue of Liberty.
We only stayed a while at Staten Island and was soon walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge entrance near City Hall station.
Many people were on that bridge that morning and we were awed by the engineering feat of those early engineers.
From there, we walked towards World Trade Centre in search of Century 21 to buy the cosmetics for Sook Ying and company.There was a madeshift memorial to exhibit the photographs of the deceased of the tragic twin tower. We stopped at the St Paul Chapel for lunch and to meditate on those who died in the senseless disaster.
After going to Century 21, we took the subway to Time Square to check on the tickets to the Broadway Show but did not find anything suitable for us.
From there, we went back to Canal St, Chinatown to get some take-away dinner and some cherries.
We also checked on the place to take the Bolt bus to go to Washington.
We arrived in Washington at about 4pm and were taken to Soo Chan's place in Gathersburg.
We went to the gardens the next day but the weather was really very hot_99 degrees fahrenheit!
We took the subway to Smithsonian and spent the day moving from Washington Monument, right up to Lincoln Memorial and finally to the Holocaust Musueum before going back to Olive Court.
Lek fell ill after that long hot walk in Washington DC and I was down with flu the next day.
We enjoyed the parks and mountains but not the weather.
We just pray for cooler days ahead so that we do not have to stay indoors so much.
Stayed indoors to read, eat and luckily, Jasmine was able to get the computer working.

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