Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be still and await on the Lord

I have been praying to know if I should return to my teaching post next year.
I still have the passion to continue teaching but I must be certain of my motivation to do what I have been doing since my retirement end of 2007.
Do I really want to do what I have done for the past forty odd years? What is truly my reason for returning to it year after year?
Is it because I am unwilling to get out of my comfort zone or because of my love for the remuneration?

For the first few years, the excuse was that I was trying to help the school and the school administrators. Yet, the shortage of teachers in always there.

After the study of Judges which reminds us to be obedient to God and seek first His will before making my decisions, I have to be mindful and not make hasty commitments.
I will be still so that I will know God's will for me.Listen to that small still voice and do as He has planned for me. Afterall God's way is still the best way as the book I have read said.

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