Monday, January 5, 2009

Spiritual growth in the age of anxiety- Scott Peck

How can we live a rich and fulfilling life in a world fraught with stress and anxiety?
The greatest challenge is to learn how to deal with life's conflicts, problem and paradoxes to find true simplicity on the other side of complexity.
we need to be more aware both within ourselves and within society.
It is crucial that we learn to think with integrity, know the difference between good and evil and overcome narcissism to love and be loved as well as to live with paradox and accept consequences of our action and come to terms with dying and death.

We continue to learn and grow with the ultimate goal of perfecting our soul. It is only through the death of old ways that we make room for the birth of new ones.We see learning as an adventure and the stages of dying as important to the process of unlearning and new learning.

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